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Provide an advantageous solution to artists allowing them to :

  • promote themselves through their work of art
  • publish their work of art on internet
  • make a direct contact with clients
  • announce regularly their exhibitions


ArtGallery is a service created by

CQFD Informatique

Rue du Clos 12

1800 Vevey


Services supplied by CQFD:


1. The Website update with the artist's new personal data

2. Publication or replacement by new works of art on the Website

3. The Website update with the artist's next exhibitions

Subscription's duration

The subscription to ArtGallery has a validity of 1 year.

It is renewed tacitly year by year, except denunciation by one of the two parts, 1 month before the expiration date.


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* Personal card without biography (page portrait, page exhibitions)


Your contact at CQFD for ArtGallery

Michel Zimmermann

EPFL qualified engineer

Dr in data processing


Tél +41 21.921.17.78